The women of Maryland look forward to having you join us in TBD for the 2017 Maryland Women’s Conference on TBD 2017.  This 2-day event is structured to open the minds and change the lives of every woman that attends. There are so many women who work and live in the state of Maryland looking to build networks with like-minded women that are succeeding in all areas of their lives. 

The 2017 Maryland Women’s Conference, is for everyone! Whether you are the head of a corporation, nonprofit organization, business owner, employee, student or managing your family full-time, you, too, will uncover the resources and services available to the women of Maryland.

We have reached out to some dynamic leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and community/public officials who will inspire, excite and empower you to transform your lives and the lives of those around you.

Why should I attend the 2017 Maryland Women’s Conference?

  • To build confidence, self-esteem & to empower yourself to independence.
  • ​To gain the skills needed to become leaders in your home, community & workplace.
  • To connect with and build your social support network.
  • To meet the movers & shakers that keep Maryland growing.
  • To share your ideas, knowledge and experiences with other women.
  • To learn new strategies to accomplishing your goals.
  • To meet leaders and experts face-to-face.
  • To experience the excitement & energy of like-minded women.
  • To invest in yourself!