The Maryland Women’s Conference (MWC) is Maryland’s premiere platform for women and girls to connect to the resources, services and networks in the great State of Maryland that will empower them to live the best life possible. 

The MWC brings together leaders of different ages and backgrounds to share their services, their resources, and their time to build networks that support each and every woman in the State of Maryland.  Whatever you are looking to do, someone in the network may have already successfully made it happen and is available to assist you in fulfilling your dreams and desires. 

Creating a foundation to inspire, excite and enhance one another is what the MWC is all about.  When we come together, we learn that we are truly better together!
Our goal is to bridge the gap between the women in all twenty-four  (24) counties in the State of Maryland to resources and services that are available to them.  These resources and services may include:

  • Business 2 Business support groups,
  • Direct connect to Local & State Government, 
  • Building Strong Social Support Networks,
  • Personal & Professional Development Workshops,
  • Coping with the ugliness of Abuse, Sexual Assault, & Violence Against Women,
  • Family Care & Caregiving,
  • Parenting Generation X and Generation Z  Forums & Focus Groups,
  • Workforce  & Workplace Equality
  • Career Readiness Trainings & Workshop Forums